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Chess for everyone!


Recently I read a plea from a chess instructor who was in need of a chess clock for his students. Shortly after his post he did in fact, receive a clock and was very grateful that his students now had that very important piece of equipment. His story has inspired me to get chess equipment into the hands of other needy chess clubs, schools and classes.


But I need your help!


I will donate a portion of the royalties I receive from the sale of my books to purchasing chess equipment for clubs, schools and classes who don't have the funds to provide it themselves, and I’m not talking just in the U.S., I’m thinking world-wide. Here's how you can help: let me know of a chess club in need along with their contact information, and buy my books. It's a win-win for everyone! You get award winning chess-related fiction and kids get chess equipment to help them learn our favorite game.


Click the CONTACT tab above to let me know about a club, you may have also seen the links to purchase my books, but if you feel more comfortable buying them from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc., that's fine too.


Each month I will work with a club from your suggestions to get them some of the chess gear they need. Tell your friends to read a book or two and let’s provide chess equipment to as many as we can. Thank you!

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